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Energy Union Choices is an initiative of the European Climate Foundation (ECF) that focuses on the challenges and the solutions needed in order to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy in line with the energy security, environmental and economic goals of the European Union.
ECF, one of the major European foundations aimed at helping fostering the development of climate change policies in Europe, is one of Penrose oldest clients and did not hesitate to task our agency with the development of the visual identity for this latest campaign as well.
ECF already had clear ideas in mind when they approached us with this new project. They wanted something that would be in line with the latest look and feel developed by the European Commission in relation to energy and climate policies, such as with the Roadmap 2050 and with the Energy Union strategy.
We helped them build on their ideas by creating a visual identity that would establish immediate recognition in the area of European energy and climate policies, while at the same time being original and unique in order to stand out among other players and initiatives in the field.


The development of the visual identity for Energy Union Choices comprised a wide set of deliverables. Beside the visual identity and its collateral materials, we were also tasked with the implementation of a landing page to be used both for the launch event and as a micro-site which would serve for the future as a platform to store all the documents and reports produced by the initiative.


Alongside the visual identity, the initiative also needed the design of a technical report highlighting the results of a study which was the first output of the new project. The challenge here was given by the highly technical nature of the subject, which needed therefore to be visually “translated” in a way that would be appealing to a wide audience composed by top level stakeholders, while also remaining clear, accurate and professional.
Furthermore the schedule was very tight, and that was a challenge in itself


As for the print report, given the highly technical nature of the scientific subject and the need to make it appealing for a wider audience, we decided to redesign the graphic content in a way that would be in line with the new overall visual identity, through a series of custom made, explanatory illustrations, all blend in a fresh and clear layout structure that would make it more visually appealing.

Design Direction

We created a set of visual identity proposals that would incorporate the concept of “decarbonisation” to clearly place the campaign among climate change initiatives, but that would also have a reference both to the identity of ECF and to the look and feel of initiatives in the field of European energy policies.
Taking into account that for example the Roadmap 2050 was a typographical logo, we thought it would be the best approach to create a symbol based logotype that will help bring out decarbonisation as the main visual field. The main argument for the approach mentioned above is that typography has a great way of communicating the mood in a design, but falls short when it comes to telling a story or building a visual field.


The client was extremely satisfied with the results and the project did nothing but strengthen our business relationship with ECF.
To them, it meant having high quality work delivered in very short amount of time. To us, this project meant re-affirming trust with one of our oldest client.