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We take enormous pride in the work, time and expertise that we pour into into the projects we do and in the experiences they create.

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Penrose and the European Climate Foundation (ECF), one of the major European foundations dedicated to fighting climate change, worked together on developing the identity, brand toolkit and signature publication for a brand new initiative called Energy Union Choices (EUC). The goal of EUC is to provide research and policy suggestions on managing the energy transition in the European Union

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Inspired and engaged by the need to improve the wellbeing of citizens, ETUF/ETUC teamed-up with Penrose to prepare a communication campaign to fight against precarious work. “Europe: End Precarious Work Now! - Decent Work and Equal Treatment for All” is a European Commission funded effort and implemented by the European Trade Union Council (ETUC) and the European Trade Union Federations (ETUF) to provide policy support and the legal framework to fight job insecurity, financial insecurity, health hazardous conditions and precarious work as whole.

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